User-generated content is “any form of content — text, posts, images, videos, reviews, etc. — created by individual people (not brands) and published to an online or social network” (Ramby, 2021). Creating user-generated content is one of the most beneficial forms of marketing. It is cost-efficient, gives you great brand…

Moderation and Key Rules

It is important and beneficial for a group to set rules and expectations in order to establish a healthy group culture early on. In my set of rules, I touch upon ways members can and should engage with one another and what to avoid/is not tolerated in order to avoid conflict. I want to provide a feeling of safety for my members and as a moderator, I need to make it clear that if members are going to post about expressing their feelings or sharing information, that it needs to be in a positive light and contribute to building a deeper sense of community.

In June of 2019, anti-government protests broke out in Hong Kong due to plans of allowing extradition to mainland China. Hong Kong citizens this was putting them at risk and exposing them to unfair trials and violent treatment, and “argued the bill would give China greater influence over Hong Kong…

The vertical post I went with was an IG story. I have always liked creating content for IG stories. It lets people get creative and helps you build real-time events and suspense. You want to keep clicking and seeing more! It is a quick and easy feature to use. Simply tap, tap, tap and you are quickly updated on people's lives! I did the post promoting my “Kooikerhondje’s in the USA!” Facebook group. Since I just created the group last week, I still have a lot of work in order to promote this page. However, I believe this page can be successful since it targets such a niche group, and (almost) everyone has a great love for dogs!


I am Melanie Palacios and I am the founder of the “Kooikerhondje’s in the USA!” Facebook group. There’s approximately 260 Kooikerhondje’s living in the United States. I want this to be a place where Kooikerhondje owners or breed-lovers come together and talk about our special, unique dogs that bring us so much joy! This is a space where you can share tips, ask questions, come for advice, or even just post a picture of your dog that’ll make us all happy! With your engagement, I want to create buzz around this incredible breed and get people to hear about them and know what kind of dog they are without having to search it.

Personal opinion (that I think many people could agree on): there is nothing that brings people together more than FOOD! It just brings people together in a way that nothing else can…would you agree? I am a big foodie and love to cook with my family, so I instantly was…

Melanie Palacios

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